The Ove Glove Review

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What it is: A glove worn to protect the hands from burns when handling hot items, such as when removing things from the oven.

Our review: The Ove Glove meets the standard it sets for itself, but is that a high enough standard? Ove Glove review

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What You Say: The Ove Glove


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• Bill, Tampa: “I thought these worked great and I would recommend them to anyone. If fact, I have recommended them to many friends. They give you so much more control than regular oven mitts.”

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• Morgan Valentine, Derrey, N.C.: “Pretty good product. You feel the heat come through if you hold anything for too long. And you can find regular hot pan holders for much less money. But I thought they did a pretty good job.”

• T.K., Dallas: “Make sure you don’t get them wet because that totally cancels the effect. Worked OK, not great. Not any great improvement over regular oven mitts, but not bad.”

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