Gutter Flusher Review


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What it is: The Gutter Flusher is a fishhook-shaped extension for your garden hose designed to allow you to clean your rain gutters from ground level.

Our review: The Gutter Flusher has its good moments – just not enough of them. Gutter Flusher review

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What You Say: Gutter Flusher


Below are comments about the Gutter Flusher sent in by our visitors. If you’d like to submit a comment about the Gutter Flusher, see our contact page.

• Zeke, Corpus Christi, Tex.: “All it helped me do was get wet.”

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• Billy Paul, Orlando, Fla.: “I enjoyed this gadget, although it took some getting used to before I caught the hang of it. The key for me was get through cleaning out the gutters the first time. After that, so long as I didn’t wait too long for the gutters to clogged again, the Gutter Flush did a good job. You just have use it frequently to preven buildup, because once the gutters are clogged it won’t do much for you.”

• D.Y., Kankakee, Ill.: “I always had to get out the ladder the scoop out leaves after all, so eventually I just stopped using the Gutter Flusher and went straight to the ladder.”

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