Glass Wizard Review

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What it is: A glass surface cleaner, the Glass Wizard is designed to get into corner, conform to surface curves, and can attach to standard poles for extended reach.

Our review: The Glass Wizard works, and might be a great buy for certain kinds of people; others may not be able to justify spending the money. Glass Wizard review

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What You Say: Glass Wizard

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• T.M.J., San Jose, Calif.: “I thought it worked great – pretty much as advertised. I really like that I can attach it to an old broom-handle and reach up into far corners of some of the high windows we have in our home.”

• Carolina Garcia, Milwaukee, Wisc.: “It does a great job on mirrows, and it does well on interior panes of glass such as windows and windshields. The key is from the inside. It doesn’t really work on exterior window surfaces or any surfaces that are really dirty. It just winds up smudging the dirt rather than picking it up and kind of creates a bigger mess that requires a different method of cleanup. But for inside uses the Glass Wizard is pretty handy.”

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