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Our mission is simple: We take a closer look at As Seen On TV products and try to determine if they live up to the claims of their infomercials. Do As Seen On TV Products work? We can find out together, because we also invite you to send in your own reviews and experiences.

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as seen on tv products reviewsThe Ove Glove
The Ove Glove Hot Surface Handler is an oven glove (not an oven mitt) that provides greater flexibility and freedom of motion. Does it also provide greater protection from heat?


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Micro Touch Trimmer
The Micro Touch Men's Personal Groomer is a small trimmer designed to get into those little nooks and crannies on men that tend to sprout hair.

Cable For iPhone 5
The LeadBuddy Cable For iPhone 5 is a great new product found on amazon that is high quality and a good price , get yours today

Portable Mobile External Battery
The iPowerBuddy portable phone charger can be used on iPhone ,Samsung or any Android on the go...


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This is the best tv,internet and fiber for TV that money can buy

Gutter Flusher
When you want to clean out your rain gutters, but don't want to climb a ladder, the Gutter Flusher extends your reach.

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